The Asserts collector can be installed as an ECS Service by creating a CloudFormation stack using this CloudFormation template. The collector will send the traces to AWS X-Ray in the region in which it is installed.

Template Parameters

Asserts Environment

Typically there would be multiple environments. For e.g., prod, stage, dev etc. The collector should be deployed in each environment. The environment name can be specified through this parameter.

Asserts Site

In a given environment, there may be deployment in multiple regions. This would normally be the case for production environments. For e.g. there may be multiple AWS regions in which the traces may originate. The collector should be deployed in each region and the region name can be specified through this.


Select the VPC in which the collector is to be installed

ALBType, ALBSubnets and ALBIngressSourceCIDR

The ALB type can be internal or internet-facing. Specify the subnets for the ALB and the CIDR for the ingress.

ECS Cluster, Subnets, Public IP enablement

The template will create a new ECS Cluster in which the collector will be installed. Specify the cluster name and the subnets on which the collector needs to be installed. The ECS Task instances should be assigned a public IP. Leave this to ENABLED

Docker Image versions

The Asserts collector ECS Task has two containers. The OTEL collector and the metric exporter. The latter is a sidecar container gathers container-level CPU, Memory, and Network metrics using the AWS ECS Task metadata API

Asserts Server API Configuration

The collector retrieves configuration by connecting to the Asserts server. Specify the API URL, username, and password through these parameters

Asserts TSDB Configuration

The metrics gathered by the collector and sidecar need to be sent to the Asserts Prometheus TSDB.

Active Mode

If the remote write URL and credentials are specified, the sidecar container will scrape the span metrics from the collector and remote write the span and container resource metrics to the TSDB. The collector should be run in this mode if the Asserts AWS Exporter is not installed or if ECS Service discovery is not enabled.

Passive Mode

If the Asserts AWS Exporter is installed and ECS Service discovery is enabled in it, then the remote write URL and credentials can be left blank and the exporter will scrape and remote these metrics.

Number of collectors

The number of collector instances that need to run.

Log level

The collector log level. Defaults to info. This can be set to debug for debugging purposes. Please bear in mind that the log volume could be very high so it's best to do this for short durations and revert back to info

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