When doing RCA in the workbench, one can pick a specific time window when a problem occurred and directly jump to see the logs for that component in that time window.

Currently, log integration is supported for Kibana, Graylog, and Loki

Log Configuration

Environment The environment for which the configuration is applicable

Site The site for which the configuration is applicable, If not selected applicable for all sites for the environment.

URL The base URL of the log analytics UI

Date Format The format for start and end time inputs in the search request. This is specified using Java Date Format

Default Search Text If there is a default search text for this environment. For e.g. cluster:"asserts-dev"

Error Filter Search text to identify error messages. For e.g. log_level: ERROR. This will be automatically added when viewing logs for errors

Correlation labels The set of labels whose values are available as fields in the log message.

Label to Log Field Mapping (optional) Optionally, the correlation labels can be mapped to the log fields to enable a precise search of logs related to the component, problem, and time-window.

Index The index id. This is applicable only for Kibana




Loki Log-Specific Configuration

Org Id: Loki Org Id in Grafana

Data Source: Loki DataSource name in Grafana

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