eBPF Probe

Asserts eBPF Probe provides a Prometheus metrics endpoint for service to service network connections. Asserts uses this metric data as a feed to build the Entity Graph.

Asserts eBPF Probe may optionally be deployed to Kubernetes clusters where Prometheus metrics are being collected. It may be optionally included when installing Asserts onto a cluster, see Helm Chart.

On Kubernetes clusters where Prometheus metrics are being collected and Asserts is not installed, the eBPF Probe may be installed on its own.

Installing the Chart

There is a separate chart for Asserts eBPF Probe.

helm repo add asserts https://asserts.github.io/helm-charts
helm repo update asserts
helm upgrade ebpf-probe asserts/ebpf-probe \
    --install \
    --namespace asserts \

The chart creates a daemon set and a Pod Monitor for the Prometheus Operator. If the Pod Monitor requires additional labels to be picked up by the local Prometheus Operator configuration it can be set with:

--set 'podMonitor.extraLabels.release=prometheus'

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