How to get up and running with Asserts


This guide will walk you through getting up and running with Asserts.
You'll learn how to setup, run, and experiment with the Asserts Platform.

Before you begin

If you run into any issues, need help setting up or using Asserts, or just have questions in general you can reach us via the following channels:
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    Join our community Slack Channel
    Please consider joining our community Slack channel. This is our preferred method of communication.
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    Messenger App You can also reach us by simply clicking on the
    icon in the bottom right corner of any page on our site to open our messenger app and send us a message to directly chat with us 😃
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    Email Lastly, you can also shoot us an email directly at [email protected]

Determine which Asserts is right for you?

Self-Hosted vs. Asserts Cloud

What is it?

Our Self Hosted version of Asserts can be installed and run on your own bare metal servers, behind your own firewall, as well as on your own Cloud infrastructure.
Asserts Cloud is our multi-tenant SaaS edition of Asserts that is solely hosted and maintained by our team.

Who is it for?

This offering is well suited for:
  • Businesses and IT decision-makers in highly regulated industries operating under some form of regulatory control requiring knowing where their data is at all times is imperative for them to maintain compliance
  • Companies that have extra sensitive information, such as government and banking industries that require a level of security and privacy that SaaS can't provide
This offering is well suited for:
  • Businesses and IT decision-makers that prefer a managed turn-key solution of Asserts

What's needed to get up and running?

You can get setup and running with Asserts in a few simple steps.


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    Follow the instructions in your installation to request a Self-Hosted Trial License
  2. 3.
    Integrate your Prometheus server(s) through our Data Sources screen
  3. 4.
    Start Observing

Asserts Cloud

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    We will reach out to you to connect to your Prometheus
  2. 3.
    Start Observing